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Finding Reservations

How do I find out what you have available?

Our inventory constantly changes; click here to see our current inventory. We don't just rent what we already have reserved! Fill out our request form to submit an accommodation request. We almost always respond within 24 hours.

Why can’t I check availability for all dates, like on other travel sites?

In order to see all of the inventory the resorts have, you must be a member like we are (of Wyndham or any other resorts where we own). We cannot link into their availability calendars from our site and cannot allow our clients to log into our account.

You always have a lot of inventory for specific resorts. Do you rent anywhere else?

Yes - absolutely! There are certain locations we always keep on inventory, but we can make reservations all over the world! You can look at the different locations we can book by going to our Resort Map. We also own several timeshares throughout the world, so never be afraid to ask - we just might have exactly what you need!

Why do you have a two-night minimum?

Wyndham charges us $99-$129 to add a guest name to any reservation, regardless of the length of stay, so it’s not worth it for us to rent a single night. We will rent a single night if the renter is willing to pay the full guest certificate fee on top of the rental fee, but that makes for a very expensive single-night stay and you’d probably be better off just getting a hotel room.

What about last-minute reservations?

We have [much] less-expensive weeks/units available within 60 days of check-in date because we get those weeks for discounted points. The best availability is right at 60 days from check-in date. Check out our current last-minute inventory or Contact Us with your accommodation request! Please note: these discounted units are the same units you would have gotten if you rented from us 6 months ago. "Discounted" does not mean the units look "cheap."

Do you have a mailing list?

Yes! By signing up for our electronic mailing list, you will be one of the first ones to read about new rentals, last-minute deals, and special offers. We send out e-mails as soon as a new offer comes available, so sometimes you will receive more than one e-mail per week, sometimes it might be a week before we send out a new one. To sign up, click here.

Is it possible to get an upgrade in unit size, even if I pay for something smaller?

Yes, if requested we will be on the lookout for your reserved week in a larger unit size. This means that if you rent a two-bedroom unit, we might be able to find a three-bedroom unit for your same week within 60-days of check-in. Upgrades are a benefit of our V.I.P. membership, so there is only a $50 charge for the upgrade (for our time and service). We can also sometimes "skip" unit sizes to get upgrades. For example, if you've rented a one bedroom unit and a three bedroom available, we can do the upgrade as long as there is not a two bedroom also available. If we have to "skip" unit sizes, there is a $50 charge for each size upgraded. (Please note: if a unit is marked as a “special price” in your quote or on our website, this means it is already upgraded from a smaller size unit and cannot be upgraded again.)

There are a lot of ads for other small companies/private owners renting out at the same resorts you do. Why should I choose Sun or Snow?

  • We offer several discounts whereas most of our competitors don't offer any extra savings, regardless if you're a repeat client. We truly value our clients and want to be completely fair and show our appreciation!
  • We invite all of our potential clients to check us out in the Colorado Springs BBB.
  • You may also read reviews of our company on If you visited our website from HomeAway, VRBO or TripAdvisor, you also should have seen 5-star reviews about us and our resorts!
  • Unlike our competitors, we're very happy to answer any questions you may have. One of our clients recently inquired about renting from our main competition, asked a few questions about their policies, and here was the response: "This is turning out to be more of a challenge than the hundreds of reservations we fully fill for others. I wish you well with finding availability." We have nothing to hide about our business and policies and would never turn you away because you have questions!
  • In most cases we have faster response times, are available after hours, have more personal and friendly service and truly care about making your vacation great!
  • We get a higher discount than some of our competitors (50% at 60 days prior) and never charge hidden fees. The price we quote is the price you pay!
  • Finally, we provide you with a rental agreement before you rent from us that states all of our policies, resort fees, lists exactly what you're renting, etc. This protects you and provides you with a wealth of information upfront. Our main competitors don't have any type of rental agreement or policies listed where you can easily find them, and they can change their policies at any time without warning.

Are you an agent for Wyndham?

No, we are private owners of Wyndham/Fairfield points. We make reservations for timeshares using our own points, then rent those timeshares out to the public.

Are you able to reserve a year out?

Yes, at the resorts we own, and our best availability is a year out. For all other resorts, we can rent 10 months out. These are the times that we can get penthouse units for large families or those hard-to-get holiday and spring break weeks. Prime season weeks are more expensive, sometimes as much as double the price of a lower season reservation (like when kids are in school). Keep in mind that when booking outside of 60 days the cost is higher also, as our discount with Wyndham doesn't kick in until 2 months prior to check-in.

Why should I rent a timeshare unit over a hotel room?

The biggest reason is what you get for your money. Many people have the idea that timeshare rentals are way out of their budget, and that's just not true! We can often get our clients into nice two-bedroom units for the same price as a nice hotel. (Check out our hotel-timeshare comparison page to see examples!) Timeshare units are bigger, with living rooms, kitchens and closed-off bedrooms. It's nice to be able to come "home" to a nice condo after a busy day of "vacationing" and relax in the living room with your family, maybe watch a movie and pop some popcorn. It's also a huge plus to be able to make breakfast in your own unit each day, and maybe a couple of dinners. It can be terribly expensive to eat out three times a day. When we travel, we also keep lunch foods in our refrigerator (sandwich stuff, chips, soda) to pack lunches. The difference in size between a hotel room and a timeshare unit is amazing. Doesn't 1200 square feet sound much better than 300? So now you know why you should rent a timeshare over a hotel, but you may be wondering why you should rent from our company. Besides our amazingly low prices, we also give you personal service. You don't have to call any 800 numbers and go through a frustrating menu of automated options - you're provided with the direct line to our Rental Manager/Co-Owner, Laura. We also have response times less than 24 hours, and if you send an e-mail inquiry during "business hours," the response is normally within 1-2 hours. Click here to read more about our company!

I see a lot of vacation homes for rent. What are the negatives of renting something like that instead of a timeshare at a resort?

Resorts still operate like hotels, so there is a check-in/check-out, housekeeping (if requested), room service, and always someone at the front desk to help. Timeshare resorts always have a calendar of activities for you and your family to enjoy (most are free and some have a small fee). You don't get any kind of personal or extra service when renting a vacation home. With timeshares you also don't have to worry about obtaining the keys before check-in, not having anyone to complain to if something goes wrong or the room is not up to your expectations, and you don't have to worry about getting scammed (at least with renting through us). As soon as you pay in full, we provide you with your confirmation and check-in details, so you can call the resort itself to verify you truly do have a reservation.

Is there a website where I can see reviews of the resorts you're renting units from?

There are many travel websites out there with reviews, but the best ones we've found are Redweek, TripAdvisor, VRBO, HomeAway, and TUG (Timeshare Users' Group). You can do a search by resort name or location, then see an overall rating (out of 5 stars), read several reviews, and see more pictures of the resort. (Some of these websites require registration.)

Making Reservations

Do I have to own timeshare to rent a unit from you?

Not at all! We own the timeshares, make reservations, rent those reservations out and add you as our guest. You don't have to own timeshare or go on any timeshare tours! You simply get to stay at a beautiful resort as our guest for an amazing price, without having to learn about how timeshare works!

Do you own specific units?

No. Units are assigned the week of check-in, but we’re happy to make requests and the resorts do everything they can to accommodate those requests. We do own specific units at a few resorts, but this will be noted on the resort page.

Do you have handicap-accessible units?

Absolutely. All of our resorts have accessible and hearing impaired units available. Please make sure you request this type of unit prior to booking.

Once I agree to reserve something through your company, what's the next step?

We have a brief, two-page contract for you to look over and sign. This is a standard timeshare rental agreement taken from (Timeshare Users' Group). Click here to see a sample copy of this contract. Once the contract is signed, you can either scan & e-mail it back to us or fax it. Renter Screening: We sometimes “screen” renters and have the right to refuse to rent to anyone we feel would be an unfit condo occupants/clients. We also will not rent to parties who have unpaid invoices from past rentals (those who agree to rent and do not follow through without notifying us).

I don't want to lose my reservation, but I can't get the contract sent back right away. What do I do?

As long as you pay the required amount at the time of the reservation, we have no problem waiting (up to 24 hours) for the contract to be returned. (Please note that by paying for a rental, you are agreeing to all terms and conditions listed in the rental agreement.) We require a deposit of 50% of the full reservation amount (over 60 days from check-in). If your check-in date is in 60 days or less, the full payment is required at the time of reservation.

I've heard stories about timeshare owners double-booking guests after they paid in full and tried to check in at the resort, and of other scams. How do I know your reservation is legitimate and that I'm not getting scammed?

Unfortunately there are a lot of dishonest and awful people out there, and we read about scams all the time (not just by timeshare owners, but by clients trying to get discounts or refunds). We are an honest, family-owned business and we truly care about your enjoyment while on vacation. We will do everything we can to make your trip pleasant and worry-free. Sure, lots of people can say that, so now let us give you some reassurance. Once you have signed the two-page contract and paid in full, we will send you the reservation confirmation with all of the resort information and check-in details. With this confirmation, you will be able to call the resort itself to verify the reservation. We also accept payment via credit card. If we were scammers and the reservation didn't exist, you could easily dispute the charge on your card.

I have a baby; are there cribs available at your timeshare resorts?

Yes, almost every timeshare resort we rent has nice cribs (or "Pack 'n Plays") available for FREE. Let us know what you need at the time of the reservation and we will put the request in for you. We also follow up with the actual resort itself the week of your reservation to make sure they received the request.

Are the condos at timeshare resorts furnished with towels, linens, hairdryers, dishes, cooking utensils, toilet paper, etc.?

Yes, all of the condos are completely furnished just like a suite at an upscale hotel would be. (All of the "pizazz" without paying the high price for it!)

Discounts and Fees

Do you have repeat customer discounts?

Absolutely! We will offer you a discount of 5% off the rental fee as a returning customer. (This discount is only valid if you book directly through us.)

What other discounts do you offer?

Multiple Unit Discount: If you are renting multiple units from us (for the same week), we will offer a 5% discount on each additional unit. (Note: does not apply to rentals outside of 60 days.)
Refer-a-Friend Discount: After you have rented from us once, you are eligible to participate in our "Refer-a-Friend" program. Receive a 5% credit towards your next rental if a friend or family member you refer rents from us. The credit is 5% of your friend's rental amount or of your rental amount, whichever is less.
Military Discount: Unfortunately we no longer offer a military discount. We've had too many problems with dishonest civilians trying to get the discount, and it's become a headache verifying service.

Even if you don't qualify for an extra discount, we always have amazing last-minute specials! Please note that we DO NOT negotiate on prices. Our rates are already incredibly low, so there's no need for haggling.

Why don't you give your "50% discount" sooner than 60 days prior to check-in?

This is not our pricing policy - it is Wyndham's. Our membership doesn't allow us discounts until 60 days prior. We get the discount at that point because there is unused inventory that needs to get rented. It is almost always cheaper to book within 60 days because of that fact - even hotel prices drop. This is a big misconception in this industry - that the further out you book the better deal you get. Let's say you have a vacation rental available for next most likely wouldn't offer a discounted rate to someone for booking this far in advance since you have a ton of time to rent it to someone else for the full asking price. (Please note that we do not give a full 50% discount during “value” and “quiet” season.)

Am I guaranteed availability if I wait for the 50% discount?

Unfortunately no. There are over 360,000 Wyndham owners who have access to the same inventory as we, so there's always a chance of your dates booking up before our discount is even effective. We're able to get discounted units about 85% of the time, and we're happy to mark our calendar for the 60-day prior mark to try booking a discounted unit for you. We do not require any payment until we actually have a reservation booked for you.

How are your prices so low? Is there a catch?

No catch! You don't have to attend any timeshare presentations and we are always upfront about fees. (We don't ever charge extra fees or taxes for your initial booking, but some resorts have parking fees, transportation fees, etc.) Our prices are so low because we are VIP Platinum members with Wyndham Vacation Resorts. This membership entitles us to discounted units (at 60 days or less prior to check-in date) and free upgrades! Often times the units we advertise for rent are the price of a smaller unit (that's been upgraded), PLUS 50% off! Please note that we DO NOT negotiate on prices. Our rates are already incredibly low, so there's no need for haggling.

Why are the charges so different for different rentals, even at the same resort?

The prices for rentals can be different from others for many reasons:

  1. Weekends always cost much more than weekdays
  2. There is a large difference in cost between different-sized units. A hotel-style room is going to be the cheapest, then a studio, then a 1-bedroom, 2 bedroom, 3 bedroom and 4 bedroom. (Some resorts even have different versions of these rooms. For example, the Wyndham Grand Desert has a 1 bedroom suite and a 1 bedroom deluxe. The deluxe is about 200 square feet more and has a king bed instead of a queen. There are also 2 bedroom deluxe units and 2 bedroom lock-offs. The lock-off is bigger with a locked door between the main unit and the additional bedroom and bathroom. There is also a full kitchen in the main unit with a mini-kitchen in the lock-off unit.)
  3. Each resort/location has a different "season" calendar that is separated into "quiet," "value," "high," and "prime." Prime is the most expensive/busiest time to travel (for places like Las Vegas and Orlando, these are times during Spring Break, summer and holidays). High is sort of the medium category (Hawaii only has High and Prime seasons, as the whole year is a good time to travel to the islands). Value is the best time to travel because it's the cheapest and will likely be less busy at your destination.
  4. At 60-days or less we get discounts from Wyndham/Fairfield as Platinum VIP members, so we pass these great deals onto our clients. (This discount only applies to reservations made at the 60-days or less point. If you have already booked a reservation outside that 60 days, you/we are not eligible for that discount.)

Are there going to be any additional charges on my rental from you?

Some resorts charge a premium for parking, such as Waikiki Beach Walk on Oahu. However, we will tell you ahead of time if such charges will apply to your reservation. There will be no surprises. The information will also be in the advertisements. Our rental rates are free from any taxes (with the exception of the Hawaiian "TAT"), and a guest certificate fee applies to each unit rented. Effective October 15, 2008, Wyndham raised their guest certificate fees from $25 to $129. We have decided to split the cost of this fee with our clients, charging $60 per unit rented. We are very unhappy with this fee increase and apologize for any inconvenience, but appreciate your understanding. Obviously if you take advantage of any concierge service, room service, extra housecleaning, etc. during your stay, your credit card will be charged for that by the resort.

Do you charge a security deposit?

ALL resorts require either a cash security deposit (up to $150) or a credit card imprint at check-in. For resorts that take a credit card imprint (or "hold" on your card), your card is not actually charged until check-out, and is only charged for incidental purchases (long distance calls, internet fees, etc.) or damage found in the unit. (We've never had a resort find damage caused by one of our clients, and we hope it remains that way.) Please note: if you use a debit card, this is not the same as using a credit card as debit cards act just like checks or cash. The deposit (or "hold") will actually be taken out of your account, and then will be a refund (minus expenses) at check-out.

What is the guest certificate that I'm charged $60 for?

A guest certificate is required for any reservation that we [the owners] are not occupying ourselves. Only one name can be on the guest certificate and that is the person who will be checking in at the front desk. We are charged $99-$129 every time we add/change a guest name, so please be sure you give us the correct name before payment is made. You will be responsible for the full change fee if a change in guest name is needed. We do not need to know the name of all guests occupying the unit, just the name of the person checking in. (The resort may have you list the names of your guests at check-in.)

Am I charged extra for each person staying in the room (like in a hotel)?

Absolutely not! You pay one fee to rent the condo, and then just need to make sure you don't have more people staying in the room than the stated occupancy limit.

What is a TAT?

Hawaii charges a TAT, which stands for Transient Accommodations Tax. All visitors to the islands must pay it, even people who stay in hotel rooms and pay the sales tax. This will be the only tax you will pay when you stay in a timeshare in Hawaii. The taxes for each size unit are approximately as follows: 1 Bedroom Suite $3.27/night, 1 Bedroom Deluxe $3.96/night, 2 Bedroom Deluxe $5.11/night, 2 Bedroom Presidential $7.52/night, 3 Bedroom Presidential $9.35/night, 4 Bedroom Presidential $11.05/night .

Is there daily maid service in timeshare resorts?

The majority of resorts do not have daily maid service. Housekeeping typically comes in once a week to replenish towels and toiletries. (If your stay is 4 days or less, housekeeping will most likely not come in at all.) The resorts do provide a small amount of laundry soap, toiletries, and coffee. However, we suggest you pack and plan according to your length of stay and based on the knowledge that toiletries, coffee and laundry soap will not be replenished by the resort during your stay. (The resorts do always provide enough dish soap and dishwasher detergent.) If additional maid service is needed/desired, this can be arranged with the front desk for a fee. Sun or Snow Vacation Rentals will not pay any additional housekeeping fees. We do NOT charge our guests any regular cleaning fees.


What types of payment will you accept?

We accept credit cards (Visa, MasterCard and Discover), personal checks and money orders. Cashier’s checks have become such a scandal in recent years, but we would trust our renters to pay with one legitimately. If you are going to use a credit card, we ask that you please use our secure payment form rather than PayPal. PayPal has very high fees and also does not offer any buyer/seller protection on intangible goods, so your credit card company will offer better protection. If you would like to do a bank transfer or echeck, we will accept PayPal. Note: personal and cashier's checks must be cleared before the reservation will be final, for our personal protection. We will only accept checks written out for the exact amount of the reservation fee. If the check-in date is 60 days or less from the time of booking, credit card or PayPal instant/bank transfers are the only forms of payment accepted.

When is payment due?

50% is due at the time of booking (if more than 60 days out). The remaining 50% is due at 60 days prior, and we will send you a reminder/balance due invoice a few days before that deadline as a courtesy. If the reservation is less than 60 days out, payment is due in full. For check-ins 16 days away or less, the full payment must be complete by 7pm Eastern the day of booking. We cannot hold reservations without payment, unless specific arrangements are made with the manager/owner.

Why can’t I pay 50% now and the remaining 50% right before my trip or when I arrive at the resort?

We are not agents of the resorts, we are private owners, and therefore the resort cannot collect payment on our behalf. We have a 60-day payment policy because we need ample time to re-rent the unit should you decide to cancel and not pay the remaining balance, particularly for highly desired dates/locations.

What is your cancellation and refund policy?

We allow cancellations and provide different percentages of refunds depending on the notice given.
For reservations cancelled...

  • More than 60 days out: 75% refund
  • 30-60 days out: 50% refund
  • 0-30 days out: no refund

(Exceptions to this policy will only be made in cases where the unit is uninhabitable on or before the check-in date, by reason of flood, fire, storm or for any other reason by an act of God/force of nature.) Should any amenities be unavailable during the renter's stay, Sun or Snow Vacation Rentals will not be held responsible and no refunds will be given or adjustments made in such cases. If you would like to add trip insurance in case you unexpectedly need to cancel your reservation/vacation, check out Vacation Guard.

Why don’t you give full refunds?

We put a lot of time and money into each rental, between the advertising, correspondence, contract writing, credit card fees, etc. We cannot be out those costs because of a cancellation.

I want to rent this for a family member as a gift, can I pay and have their name on the guest certificate?

Absolutely. At the time of booking, please give us the name of the person checking in, and we will add their name to the guest certificate. Please note that persons checking in must be at least 21 years of age and have a valid credit card. If you do not provide us with a valid guest name, you (or the guest) will not be able to check in, and no refunds will be given if this occurs. It is the responsibility of the client to get consent from the owners (Sun or Snow Vacation Rentals) to "sublet" the unit.

I am renting a one bedroom suite that sleeps 4, but we have 6 people. Can they just sleep on the floor?

No. All timeshare resorts strictly enforce occupancy limits. Failure to abide by the occupancy limits may result in eviction from the resort, and no refunds will be given.

Am I required to attend a timeshare presentation to get a good deal on a rental?

Absolutely not! You will not be obligated in any way to attend a timeshare presentation while staying as our guest(s). The resort will likely offer a gift to attend a 90-minute presentation. It is up to you to decide if the gift is worth your time. They also might mention that you can earn us (the owners) bonus points. While this is true, we would never ask any of our guests to attend a presentation. If you do attend one, the salespeople will very likely take “No” for an answer, and they are pretty thick-skinned. We personally don’t enjoy sitting through the sales pitch anymore. We used to enjoy it, but we get tired of the salesmen lying. Plus, we know more than they do.

Will I be provided with a confirmation from the resort?

Yes; once you pay in full and return the signed rental agreement, we will send you a reservation letter / confirmation with all of your check-in details. This reservation letter / confirmation is sent via e-mail within one business day.

What time is check-in and check-out?

You can check in any time after 4:00 p.m. on the first day. (Some resorts do not have front desks that are open 24 hours, so you would need to verify the hours and call if you are planning to arrive past closing.) If you arrive early, the resort MAY let you check-in early if they have a room clean and ready. Check-out is always at 10:00 a.m. on the last day. If you check out late, the resort may charge you a late check-out fee. All week-long reservations are for one full week, minus the six hours that housekeeping needs to clean the unit between guests. Because the resort needs ample time to clean and prepare the unit for the next guests, late check-outs are never allowed.

Who do I contact if I have problems at check-in?

It is very unlikely for you to have a problem at check-in, particularly if you present your guest certificate to the front desk. However, you are encouraged to contact our manager/owner, Laura, with questions: 719-235-3506. This number is valid from about 8am-8pm Mountain Time. Unlike large travel websites and hotel chains, we can offer personal service being a small, family-owned and operated business. That personal service is just "icing on the cake," since we can also find you nicer and bigger units, often at the same or less cost of hotel rooms!

Is there an age restriction for renting a unit?

Renters must be at least 21 years of age. A credit card imprint will also be required at the time of check-in, in case of extra charges or damages to the room.

I have a small dog who is kennel and paper trained, can I bring him?

Sorry, no. We love animals, but none of the resorts we rent at allow pets, regardless of size or if they're "paper trained." The biggest reason is due to allergies of other guests (in other rooms and future guests of your unit). If you are caught with a pet in your unit, you may be evicted from the resort and will most likely have to pay any damages (fees for carpet cleaning, de-fleaing, and hypo-allergenic treatments). If eviction occurs, no rental fees will be refunded. Service animals (by law) are always allowed and the resort should be notified prior to your arrival of your extra "guest."

Is there anything special I need to do before checking out from a timeshare?

Each resort's requirements are different and you will be provided with a list of things to be done at check-out. This list may be given to you at check-in, might be in a booklet in the unit itself, or may be listed on a wall or door inside the unit. Please be sure to pay close attention to this list and do everything required. If a list is not provided, please be aware that most resorts expect guests to leave the unit clean and free of trash and left-over food. The following is a short list of things you should do before departing: empty and clean the refrigerator; empty all trash cans; rinse dishes, put them in the dishwasher and start the dishwasher; strip all beds; turn off all lights and electrical appliances; lock and close all doors; return keys and resort property to the front desk.

Will the unit have linens, towels, toilet paper, etc?

Yes. All timeshare units are completely furnished with linens, towels, toilet paper, dish soap, dish towels, dishwasher detergent, iron/ironing board, and most of them provide toiletries (and a hairdryer) just like at a hotel, and laundry soap for 1-2 loads of laundry (if a washer/dryer is in the unit). Kitchens are stocked with dishes, silverware, cookware, common small appliances, and usually some sort of food storage containers. The variety of small appliances and gadgets is different for each resort, and we unfortunately do not have a list of each kitchen’s inventory. If you have specific questions about what will be in your kitchen, please feel free to ask us or you can always call the resort’s front desk.

What is your privacy policy?

We do not release your personal information to any other entity or individual. Your personal information is used for correspondence with Sun or Snow Vacation Rentals only.

Buying A Timeshare

Do you recommend that we buy a timeshare?

Absolutely, but only if it's resale. We don’t want to lose your rental business, of course, but we are happy to answer any questions you have about owning timeshare. When looking at buying timeshare, it's especially important to read all of the fine print in the contracts and research other people's opinions of that particular resort/corporation. We love the Wyndham resorts, but Wyndham Corporation has become the definition of corporate greed for us. They constantly take away benefits and increase their fees, and we certainly won't purchase anything more from Wyndham.

Have you always been smart with your timeshare purchases?

Not at all! We bought our first two timeshare weeks from the developer, the first one was over 26 years ago, and we have learned so much since then!

What locations are good to buy in and in what seasons?

Always buy during high season and in an area that has a very limited supply of timeshares compared to hotels. Orlando is not a good place to buy a timeshare because there are more than 100 timeshare resorts in Orlando. Many of those resorts are considered "mega resorts" because they have thousands of units. Multiply the number of units times 52 weeks per year, and it makes for an overabundance of timeshares about 8 months a year. Branson is another overbuilt area, with far more timeshare units available almost all year long.

What do Gold Crown and 5 Star ratings mean in timeshare lingo?

These ratings are pretty subjective to the comment cards that exchangers fill out. In our experience, these ratings are incongruous in many cases. We have stayed in Gold Crown resorts that were not nearly as nice as the unrated resorts.

Selling Your Timeshare

I want to get rid of a timeshare. I keep getting phone calls from companies that want to charge me a fee. Are these guys legitimate?

Number one rule: never buy a timeshare from a developer. The timeshare is going to lose more than 75% of its value after you sign on the dotted line!

Number two rule: Never try to sell a timeshare by using a company that charges an upfront fee of $100 or more. These guys will promise the moon and the stars; they will promise that you will sell your timeshare for more than you paid the developer. You have to ask yourself if that really makes sense. If the developer could have gotten more, he would have! Don’t believe the lies and the false promises. This guy just wants your money and has no intention of selling your timeshare.

Do you buy timeshares from private parties?

Sometimes, but only if they are Fairfield/Wyndham points. If you are interested in selling your points, please contact us.

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